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Wilson MSP’s one-call, one-contact proposition delivers a one-of-a-kind range of services that goes beyond what traditional IT providers can offer. We will work with you to understand the unique needs of your organization, so you can act with confidence.

The Wilson Group Awarded Hyakuman Kai Elite

Owner and president Derrick Wilson is joined by The Wilson Group staff at the Sharp national convention.

They were given the esteemed honor known as Hyakuman Kai Elite, which means TWG is in the top 5 percent of Sharp in the country decided by sales and revenue.

TWG also won for highest revenue of diverse sales thanks to its diverse portfolio of options.

Southpointe Location

Our Southpointe Location was opened to meet specific customer needs and has become a centralized hub for the mailing and postage arm of our business. Additionally, this satellite office provides another location option to serve partners, specifically in the south of Pittsburgh. Having a presence in this area has enhanced our accessibility and convenience for customers in this specific region of the city. Take a quick tour of the office with Director of Sales, Michael Cira.

Host to Post Document Workflow Solutions Provider

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Allow us to provide a document workflow solution for your organization.

We have a consultative approach toward analyzing, designing, implementing and managing solutions that will consistently streamline your workflow processes, increase employee productivity and decrease costs.

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