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[Intelligent Technology Management]

Wilson ITM’s one-call, one-contact proposition delivers a one-of-a-kind range of services that goes beyond what traditional IT providers can offer. We will work with you to understand the unique needs of your organization, so you can act with confidence.

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Allow us to provide a document workflow solution for your organization.

We have a consultative approach toward analyzing, designing, implementing and managing solutions that will consistently streamline your workflow processes, increase employee productivity and decrease costs.

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Recent News & Accomplishments

President Club Winners 2020

The Wilson Group is proud to announce the winners of our Presidents Club Award for 2020. This award is given to the top sales reps in the company whose expertise and knowledge of our products and offerings have propelled them to meet and exceed their expected sales...

Employee of Year 2020 – Keala Smith & Rondaya Bradley

As we close out this year and look forward to 2021, we want to make sure we recognize two of our employees. Every year, The Wilson Group chooses an employee that goes above and beyond in their job duties day in and day out. We are very pleased that this year we have...

Unsung Hero Award 2020 – Ebony Pearson

The Unsung Hero Award is chosen by the employees for that one person who they feel really merits recognition for what they do every day. This year's Unsung Hero Award for 2020 goes to Ebony Pearson. Ebony is a recent employee of The Wilson Group but with her quiet...