AQUOS Board Interactive Displays

Sharp interactive display boards are specially engineered for business applications and are offered in a wide range of sizes and varying capabilities. From high-impact displays for digital signage to state-of-the-art ultra-narrow bezel video walls to the award-winning AQUOS BOARD® interactive display systems, Sharp commercial and professional displays help you communicate, collaborate and disseminate information brilliantly.

The SHARP AQUOS Board is available in 40″, 60”, 70”, 80” and now 90” sizes

When you have a message to share with the world – more businesses trust Sharp Professional displays to make it happen. “Through U.S. B2B sales channels, Sharp is the leading brand of Large Format Commercial & Hybrid Displays (60″+) and is the #1 selling brand of Large Format Integrated Touch Displays (60″+).”* The Sharp AQUOS BOARD® interactive display is much more than just an electronic whiteboard or a consumer TV. Designed for smooth, effortless communication in a wide range of contexts, it’s a Sharp touch screen whiteboard that allows several people to write on the same screen at the same time with stylus pens or fingers.

AQUOS Board Success Story

“If you think about the evolution of the classroom it’s gone from the Chalkboard to the overhead projector to the whiteboard to interactive whiteboard and now the Sharp Aquos Board.” – Adam Swinchock Director of Instructional & Informational Technology Peters Township School District Many schools have been historically low-tech, but this school district is working hard to break that model with “minimal investment and actual infrastructure” to transform the classroom to the modern learner. Let us teach you how the AQUOS BOARD® will engage students and faculty. Read the case study.

Magnify Your Success

Experts at The Wilson Group will assist you in determining the appropriate size AQUOS Board based on your presentation space and audience size. From the office boardroom, to the conference room, video conferencing, a training session, to a lecture hall, the Sharp AQUOS Board can magnify your success, motivate your audience, improve your image and give your message the impact it deserves. The SHARP AQUOS Board includes SHARP Pen Software and SHARP Display Connect software for wireless communication with mobile devices. Mounted PC included. Choose from rolling stand or wall mount.

*Results based on IHS Markit, Technology Group, Monthly Large Format Commercial Displays Report, January 2017. Results are not an endorsement of Sharp. Any reliance on these results is at the third party’s own judgment and/or responsibility. Visit for more information.