Printing and Content Management Software

Not only will a Wilson Workflow Assessment determine the appropriate hardware for your organization, but we will recommend specialized software to enhance its performance. Take your document management to the next level with PaperCut accounting software which will track users, add security and provide cost control. Square 9 Softworks enables you to capture documents, extract high value data, classify that data into information and integrate that information into your existing business processes for greater efficiency.

To take your Managed Print Strategy to the next level

Key PaperCut Features:

  • Print Visibility – Instantly see who is printing, what they are printing, when they printed and on what device. View the central dashboard, any one of the 80+ pre-built reports and the document archive (so you never have to chase down answers again).
  • Print Policies – Create intelligent rules to limit user behavior and enforce sensible printing policies. Use pre-built filters to limit color printing, encourage double-sided printing or create your own custom printing policies.
  • Document and Device Security – Protect sensitive documents with Find-Me Printing. Users print to a global virtual queue and release securely while at any device. Secure multi-function printers with User Authentication via touch screen or card reader.
  • Cost Control – Track print costs by users, departments or custom accounts. Allocate print quotas to users, departments or clients. Integrate with popular payment gateways or make client billing seamless by allocating costs to a client, project or department.
  • User Tools – Encourage responsible printing by sharing the environmental impact with users. Keep print costs and policies visible to users with the desktop Client Tool.
  • BYOD Printing – Get your mobile print solutions under control with easy tools including email-to-print, Google Cloud Print, iOS printing, and Web Print.

Transform content into usable intelligence that lets you work more productively

Square 9 offers a complete platform of products for capturing your documents, extracting high value data, classifying that data into information and integrating that information into your existing business processes for greater efficiency.

Document Capture Automation Software

GlobalCapture® Transforms Information into Business Intelligence. Easily capture, classify and validate high volumes of documents, transforming them into usable data that provides insight, drives efficiency and leads to smarter decision-making.  With a broad range of features, it’s easy to see why so many organizations rely on GlobalCapture to help them work more intelligently with their documents.  The modular design of GlobalCapture allows you to easily create a solution that’s built for the specific needs of your organization with flexible features for extending capture automation.

Enterprise Content Management Software

Streamline Business Workflow with GlobalSearch® Enables organizations to manage business more efficiently by simplifying the capture, retrieval and distribution of business information.  From small business applications to enterprise solutions, GlobalSearch goes to work for you with powerful functionality that enables your business to reach new levels of efficiency.

Business Process Management Software

Keep Information Moving with GlobalAction® A workflow automation solution that enables users to map document activities, from data capture to archival for end-to-end process visibility.  GlobalAction delivers enhanced Business Process Management functionality, redefining organizational efficiency with workflows that enforce business rules while allowing for global participation.

Web Forms Management Software

GlobalForms® Improves Business Flexibility with Workflow Driven eForms Extend document automation effortlessly with web forms that eliminate inefficient paper-based processes.  Any organization can create company-specific web forms that gather only the relevant data needed, eliminating manual data entry, improving the quality of captured information, and allowing for real-time engagement with your audience.

Integrated Document Management Solutions

Streamline Processes and Automate Workflows Between Programs.  Integrate your existing business platforms with the full power of Document Management.  GlobalSearch has the ability to securely integrate with an extensive list of business applications, office equipment and third-party software, enabling customers to achieve the benefits of a digital business, including rapid results, lower costs and a better customer experience.