Wilson Wired

We want to thank you for being a loyal customer of The Wilson Group and to show our appreciation we have announced some new products and services available to help improve your overall experience.

Wilson Wired

The Wilson Group is also now offering a new service called ‘Wilson Wired’ . This service
will provide you with ongoing remote support and discounted onsite support of some of your
most critical services.

Service include:

  • Installation of additional print driver software on additional or new PCs
  • Support for some network applications that prevent printing and/or scanning
  • Reconfiguration or re-installation of any new networked multi-function product in the event of an upgrade or change to your Network/PC/Server
  • Ongoing remote support
  • Discounted onsite service rate which could save you hundreds of dollars
FP Postbase Pro Postage Meters
FP Postbase Pro Postage Meters

Wilson Help Desk

We have experienced a growing demand from our customers for a help desk service solution. As a result, The Wilson Group added the helpdesk service division to better your service experience.

Benfits Include:

  • Support the way you want it, whether it is through your device, computer, on-line or over the phone.
  • Maximum up-time. We will resolve your issues more quickly and easily.
  • Minimal disruption to your business, fewer unnecessary service appointments.
  • The right solutions, at the point of need.