Virtual Learning with Sharp AQUOS BOARD

With the onset of the global pandemic caused by COVID-19, nearly all K-12 students in the United States have experienced an unprecedented interruption to their formal schooling. For a virtual classroom to be effective, people need to easily connect and share their ideas and information in a comfortable environment, whether in a meeting space, office, conference room or even from home.

The Wilson Group and Sharp have continued to adapt to these uncertain times. Many companies and educational institutes have moved to a mainly “virtual” workforce and learning environment utilizing Sharp Windows Collaboration Displays and Sharp Aquos Board.

Check out how Sharp’s technology helped Peter’s Township School District navigate through these unpreceded times.

The Director of Educational Technology at Peters Township School District, Adam Swinchock noted:

“As we navigate these uncharted hybrid learning waters, it’s comforting to know we made the right choice with our Sharp Electronics Corporation USA AQUOS BOARDS. We have been able develop flexible, interactive classroom solutions for our students and staff for many years now because our Aquos Boards However, this takes the cake. (Excuse the amateur photo)

Our staff continues to leverage the solution as we always have for in person instruction. However, our strategy for #COVID19 instruction had to be outside the box. How can you reach students inside AND outside the classroom effectively?

We added a “home brew” web camera rig to our existing Aquos Board solutions for our remote instructors to build asynchronous lessons for on demand learning in our Instructure #canvaslms via Canvas Studio!

But wait, there’s more! It’s ready to flip into synchronous mode when needed for live instruction using the BigBlueButton Conference feature in Canvas. Virtual parent/teacher conferences anyone?

Thanks to our local partners Vinnie DeLeonibusDerrick Wilson The Wilson Group, LLC KW23 for being our trusted advisors!

Endless thanks to Sharp Electronics Corporation USASaundra MerolloHenry Woods,and Mike Marusic for making such an innovative and flexible product!”