Save time and money with Cloud Portal Office from Sharp

By now, you’ve probably heard about “The Cloud.” In fact, you may already be using it to store pictures or music on your personal smartphone. But can you use this technology to help your business manage documents more efficiently and cut costs in the process? The answer is yes, thanks to Cloud Portal Office.

What is Cloud Portal Office?

Cloud Portal Office is Sharp’s award-winning internet-based service that provides on-the-go access to documents, along with necessary account management controls and security. In other words, instead of saving a presentation file to your computer’s hard drive, you can store it in your Cloud Portal Office folder—then easily pull it up on your Sharp interactive display system or quickly print it on any connected Sharp multi-functional printer.

Furthermore, in today’s mobile world, it’s becoming increasingly important for businesses to invest in an online document management solution. In fact, by 2020, mobile workers are expected to account for nearly 75% of the total U.S. workforce.

Financial benefits.

Cloud Portal Office enables your employees to collaborate more effectively and increase productivity, while also reducing overhead expenses. According to International Data Corp, optimizing an organization’s document management can lead to a 30% reduction in costs and an 86% overall increase in revenue.

Cloud Portal Office can help you:

  • Reduce strain on IT resources—there’s no hardware or maintenance packages to purchase.
  • Reduce printing costs—with documents readily available on the cloud, there’s less need to print out copies.
  • Reduce office storage costs—provides unified archival and back-up of both electronic and hardcopy documents.
  • Reduce shipping and courier costs—documents can be accessed virtually anywhere, with no file size limits like email.
  • Reduce risk and cost associated with document inaccuracies—as employees collaborate on a file, automatic versioning makes it easy identify the most updated version.

Put Cloud Portal Office to work for you.

Is Cloud Portal Office right for your business? Contact The Wilson Group to find out and request a free document workflow assessment.