Boost your collaboration with these Sharp AQUOS BOARD features

Whether it’s an internal brainstorming session or crucial client presentation, collaboration is key to your success. It’s not enough to keep everyone’s attention—you need a method to promote the free flow of ideas and dialogue. Outdated tools such as whiteboards and projectors don’t cut it in today’s mobile age. The solution? The Sharp AQUOS BOARD interactive display system.

With cutting-edge technology and an easy-to-use interface, the AQUOS BOARD is designed to enhance the way you work and communicate. Here are just a few of its interactive features:

  • Multimedia capabilities – Easily open, edit, and save all types of files, including Microsoft® Office documents, videos, web browsers, and more. With the overlay mode, you can add text and graphics on top of the screen content—perfect for making and sharing meeting notes.
  • Sharp Pen Software – This is more than your average touch pen. Advanced optical detection increases the accuracy of your drawings and notations. A number of setting and functions are available, including variable colors and line thickness, preset shapes, insertable images, and more. Plus, the pen looks, feels, and even sounds like a real whiteboard marker.
  • Handwriting recognition – For easily decipherable meeting notes (especially for those with less-than-stellar penmanship), the AQUOS BOARD can automatically convert handwritten notes into a typed font.
  • Simultaneous Contributions – The AQUOS BOARD allows up to four users to write at the same time.
  • Sharp Display Connect – Encourage attendees to bring their mobile device and connect with the AQUOS BOARD to view onscreen content in real-time, contribute notes and drawings, transfer files, and more. Up to 50 devices can be connected at a time.
  • Split-screen technology – With screen sizes ranging from 60-80 inches (diagonally), there’s plenty of room divide the AQUOS BOARD into 2 x 2 split screen. This is a convenient way to wirelessly display content from up to four mobile devices.
  • Sharp MFP (multifunctional printer) connectivity – Scanned documents can be quickly and easily displayed on your AQUOS BOARD. Plus, at the end of your session, you can print out your final document, including notations.

The Sharp AQUOS BOARD is a tremendous tool for all types of organizations, including businesses, schools, hospitals, trade shows, training centers, and more.

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