Service Technician

Service Technician 

Phone Ahead – 1 hour prior to arrival

  • The customer MUST be called 1 hour prior to receiving a service call.
  • If the service call is part of a hold call and an ETA will not be met, the customer is to be notified immediately. 
  • If you are on a non-PM call longer than 2 hours, the Service Manager must be notified. 

4 Hour Response Time

  • If you feel you will not make the 4 hour response time, call dispatch to see what can be done by another Technician to meet the customer’s needs.
  • Although important, the customer has the final say.  If you are not going to make the 4 hours time frame, and the customer is satisfied with a later time, this is acceptable but should be documented appropriately. 

No Machine is to be left down longer than 24 hours

  • If a machine is going to be down longer than 24 hours, you must notify the Service Manager.
  • If parts are not in stock, order them overnight or borrow from another machine in the warehouse.
  • It is important that you complete all of the proper paperwork when taking these actions. 


  • All parts are to be ordered via email to Service Logistics Coordinator.
  • All parts ordered need to be ordered by 3pm for the next day delivery.

Call Process

  • Every call MUST be a “Total Call”:
    • Speak to the customer to find out the issue
    • Diagnose the machine
    • Repair the machine, replace or order parts as needed
    • Test machine thoroughly using all functions
    • Check all areas of machine for possible future problems
    • Clean machine inside and outside
    • Speak to customer when job is complete to notify them you are finished
    • Ask the client if they would like to test the machine personally before you leave
    • Complete Service Call Check List and have it signed by client at the end of the call
    • Deliver completed Service Call Check list to Service Logistic Coordinator
    • Perform print driver and basic network installation of both printer and copier

Remote Tech

  • Arrive time to your first client is 8am. Completion of your last call should be as close to 5pm as possible as long as you have calls to take.
  • The dispatch process takes place when you are leaving your current location whether it is your house, a customer’s location, or any other location.  Dispatch is time stamped at the time you actually dispatch.
  • The arrival process needs to be entered upon arrival at your location.  The arrival time is also time stamped at the time you actually arrive. 
  • Close your call when you are finished with the “total call” process.  Again, the depart time is stamped when you close the call on your tablet or smart phone. 
  • If you forget to enter any of the times, contact Service Logistic Coordinator immediately.
  • The mileage must be reported for each service call.  Your start odometer and end odometer must be entered correctly. This is completed when you leave your dispatch location and entered for each call of the day.
  • If you are performing any other work besides repairing machines, please use the following categories to dispatch time to:
    • Lunch
    • Warehouse
    • Training 

Customer Communications

  • Do not give customers your mobile phone number. All calls must go through dispatch for proper documentation.
  • Along with calling our customers within a hour of receiving the service call, they need to be kept informed of the status of their service call, if you should have to come back for any reason. If the call is held for parts or time, you need to update the client on a daily basis with the status of parts and when you plan to return until the machine is repaired and complete.
  • When communicating with customers, do not lower the customer’s expectations of our company. Avoid using comments such as “I am not trained on this model,”  “we are short-handed today.”  “I have several calls ahead of yours,” “we are in meetings all morning,” etc.  These types of comments definitely have a negative effect on their perception of the company. All clients need to feel they are the most important customer we have. 
  • If you leave a call and are not 100% confident their issue has been resolved, call them later in the day or the next day to check on their satisfaction and the machine functionality. 

Professional Dress

  • Hair should be secured out of your face.
  • Steel toe shoes are required when walking outside of pedestrian area.
  • Jeans (except Friday), shorts, hoodies and ball caps are unacceptable.

Total Accountability

  • Complete 4 – 5 Service Calls per day.
  • Complete all steps in the Service Call Check List and have it signed by client
  • Deliver Service Call Check List to Service Logistics Coordinator at the end of shift.
  • Complete all tickets in proper order and in a timely fashion. 
  • Attend weekly service training meetings.

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