National Wear Red Day

The Wilson Group takes safety in the workplace very seriously. We partnered with the American Heart Association (AHA) to conduct CPR/First Aid/AED training for staff members who are on the TWG Safety Committee.  Those who took place in the training were Amy Silvis, Carol Washington, Deseia Carter, Keala Smith and Monique Salamacha.


Over the course of a day long training, we were shown the correct way to perform CPR for the maximum benefit to the patient. The AHA brought with them CPR dummies and we were tested on our knowledge and skills giving CPR and using the AED (automated external defibrillator) to shock a patients heart rhythm back to normal. After we all completed the testing, we spent some time going over basic first aid principles and the right and wrong way to treat someone.

First and foremost in all of these trainings is to be prepared in case someone needs assistance. Of course, calling 911 and staying on line with the dispatcher is of critical importance to put together our training and their special skills. We hope we will never need to put this training into action, but we feel better knowing what to do in an emergency now.

Has your company taken the steps to be CPR/First Aid/AED certified? If not, what you are you waiting for, you might just save a life.[