Micaela Westerman

Micaela Westerman joined The Wilson Group in 2024 as Chief Financial Officer. Micaela’s role as CFO is to ensure financial stability, performance, and growth at the highest level.  Micaela is a trusted financial and strategic planner with a remarkable background in leading companies to financial success. Her goal is to lead her team to perform at their best. Micaela leads by example and does not ask anyone to do something she would not do herself. She believes in the golden role, treat people the way you would like to be treated.  

Before coming to the Wilson Group, Micaela was a client of the Wilson Group.  She always admired Mr. Wilson’s integrity and the way he managed his business.   

As President of a local supplement company, she was instrumental in stabilizing the company’s financial position.  She oversaw all aspects of the business, provided leadership, and managed all the finances, legal matters, and human resources.  Initiating and oversaw the purchase of their own location, acquiring another business and building, and managed multiple buildouts.  She spearheaded the teams in the flawless upgrade to NetSuite, complete rebranding, and development of a new website. 

Micaela was born and raised in Pittsburgh, and here in the Steel City was where her hard work and dedication drove her to succeed. Being a results-oriented individual, she successfully grew a hair transplant clinic from one location in Pittsburgh to multiple locations throughout the world. For 18 years as Controller, she single-handedly managed all the finances for five US clinics in addition to Puerto Rico, Dubai, Manilla and London.  She was also Partner in a laser hair removal clinic in the Puerto Rico office. 

Micaela started her career at a Pittsburgh-based real estate and construction executive search firm. This is where she learned her excellent work ethic. After 15 years running the marketing and mailing department, the owner sought out Micaela’s assistance at his hair transplant clinic. She started there on a part-time basis while still working for the executive search company.  Her assistance was vital, and she was brought on full time and quickly rose to the top. 

Micaela recently married her best friend and loving husband Ken. Together they have four children, four grandkids, and three dogs.  Her son Tony graduated from Cornell University and is working as a quantitative analyst. Marlo graduated from Penn State and is pursuing a career as a Physician’s Assistant in Florida.  Micaela thanks Jesus Christ, her Lord and Savior for her many blessings.