Joseph G. Gross, Chief Operations Officer

Joseph G. Gross is a distinguished executive, senior-level sales manager, and business development expert with an extraordinary career spanning over 30 years, predominantly in the document, data, and records management (RIM) services industry.

Throughout his vast experience, Joseph has earned a reputation for his exceptional aptitude to assemble highly efficient sales and service teams, enhance operational performance, and inspire innovation, positive morale, and brand recognition through his leadership approach. He possesses a robust business turnaround and strategic growth planning expertise, adeptly reducing risk, expanding capacity, and establishing a cohesive organizational vision. Furthermore, Joseph is highly esteemed for nurturing positive work cultures and fostering exceptional team environments.

In addition to his professional pursuits, Joseph has devoted over 35 years to volunteering at Seville VFC, where he has assumed various leadership roles within the department. On sunny days, you may find him on local golf courses, indulging in his love for the sport. However, his ultimate source of happiness is spending time with his best friend and wife of 26 years, Lori. Their daughter, Zoe, often lures them southward to visit her at college and enjoy the University of Alabama football games. Lori and Zoe’s support continually motivate Joseph, propelling him to be a resolute leader with sharp business acumen.