IT Management Services

We have experienced a growing demand from our customers for a IT management service solution. As a result, The Wilson Group added the IT Management division to achieve an overall workflow solution.

Whether you are implementing an IT initiative, IT consolidation or integrating new technologies, we offer a variety of solutions and support that can assist you in design, development, implementation and maintenance to help ensure end-user satisfaction while optimizing your IT infrastructure resources. Some of those solutions include:

  • Active Directory Design and Implementation
  • Electronic Mail Systems
  • Network Security
  • Network Infrastructure
  • Cloud Services
  • Website Maintenance and Design
  • System Integration
  • IT Training
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Managed Services

Our Managed services allow you to concentrate on current and future projects while leaving the day-to-day running of your IT systems to us.



Don’t leave yourself open to litigation or fines. Ensure the proper security controls are integrated into your technology environment. Let our Technologies protect you.

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Cloud Services

When “do more with less” is your goal, every gain in IT efficiency counts. Our Cloud Services deliver a scalable, shared infrastructure that enables you to increase productivity using less space.

Disaster Recovery Planning

What would happen if disaster struck your workplace? Protect your data with secure off-site backup and disaster recovery with Disaster Recovery Planning from The Wilson Group.

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