Derrick Wilson – The Next Home Run

Derrick Wilson, President and CEO of The Wilson Group was recently interviewed by the Pittsburgh Business Times for an article on how he has adjusted the company’s product mix to better support an emerging work-from-home market.

“I’m a firm believer if I don’t have strong employees who trust and believe in our leadership, then I don’t have a strong company. If don’t have a strong company, I don’t have a strong business, and I can’t give back to the community and do the right thing.

Honestly, I’m still smiling. You become what you believe, if I’m waking up every morning down, then I’m not setting a good example of leadership for my people. I’m a firm believe that they’re going to go as I go, If I’m positive about the future, looking to the future versus just today and what happened yesterday, then I can get through this and continue to build a strong company.”