Benefits of Having a Workflow Process

When you own a business, there are many things that add value to your company. Of course, there are your profits, your employees, your time and your resources. But without effective workflow processes, you will surely waste these things without even realizing it.
Workflow, by definition, is, “The sequence of industrial, administrative, or other processes through which a piece of work passes from initiation to completion.” Many workflow processes exist within offices, and some of the most important are document workflow processes.

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Knowledge workers, or individuals who handle or use information within a company, typically print between 37-42 pages per day, or 10,000 pages per year. When you consider the number of knowledge workers within one organization, the number of printouts is in the millions. And most of the time, customers or clients never see these printouts, and 40% of office printouts aren’t being read at all.

Printing can be more expensive than most business owners and employees realize. It’s not just the cost of paper and toner that needs to be considered, but the cost of service as well as employee time lost to deal with printing errors. Price Waterhouse Cooper research found that the average employee spends $1,200 annually on office printing. While the cost of printing may not seem like a lot as you print a single page, a company with 100 employees will spend $12,000 on printing a year, and in a decade, that’s $120,000 spent.

Establishing a document workflow process can help to alleviate some of these costs. Collaborating with a workflow solutions provider allows you to:

  • Reduce the amount of printing done within the office, and print effectively when necessary
  • Talk through printing issues or pain points to find a practical solution
  • Increase employee productivity
  • Figure out the true cost of your current printing procedure, and find out how much of your printing efforts are being wasted
  • Order all of your printing supplies from one reliable source

At The Wilson Group, we help clients streamline their workflow process in four steps:

  1. Monitor. We examine your current printing process and figure out your optima
  2. Advise. We share our findings with you and come up with a plan for reduced printing and time costs. This includes finding ways to turn printing steps into electronic processes.
  3. Control. We help knowledge workers follow their new guidelines and adjust to the newly proposed processes.
  4. Maintain. Continue to monitor workflow effectiveness and develop electronic processes with the goal to reduce office printing in 3-7 years by 60%.

Having workflow processes in place leads to higher profits and higher levels of employee productivity. Contact us today to schedule a workflow assessment and find out how to better spend your valuable time and money.